Forthcoming Events


5-9 Feb Bridgwater College students visit Krakow in Poland and Slovakia. 

22-28 February 'Trip to Priverno'.  Trip to Bridgwater's Italian twin town Priverno. It coincides with the Falia e Brocoletti festival.  

17-24 April 'Italian students from Priverno will be in Bridgwater staying at Model Farm and linking with Bridgwater schools.

26 April - 2 May Yvette Staelens choir trip to Montenegro with an extra optional 4 days in Dubrovnik. This trip is open to non singers.

May 17-21 Uherske Hradiste Twinning Conference.

Saturday 2nd June the 4th Annual Bridgwater Twinning Conference at the Bridgwater Arts Centre

27 June - 4 July Eva Kordovas Czech tour of the North of England. This is a closed trip

21 July the Bridgwater Quayside Festival

17-26 July Jana Hubenas 'Round Scotland' trip. There are a couple of spaces available on this tour

2018 Workers Beer Company